Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11/19/07: Shooting for you? Or for a client?

It happens all too often -- I hear from people (not clients of mine) who tell me they didn't get the images they wanted or expected from their wedding photographer. Part of that has to do with wedding photography style changes (posed vs. photojournalistic) and the conversion to digital (where it used to be in the film days you'd get a set of less than 100 proof pictures total and with digital...you get a LOT more than that!).

I think a lot of photographers get caught up in shooting for themselves and not for their clients -- they concern themselves more with winning awards, gaining acceptance to associations, or showcasing images on web-sites or blogs. Don't forget -- your clients are footing the bill...your obligation is first and foremost to them. And remember, not all clients want the same thing...so take the time to find out what your clients like and want in their images, and work your style in to what they want.

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Blogger MsB said...

Great topic! I agree that you are shooting for your clients; but, on the flip-side of that, I believe that your clients hired you for your style, therefore, you do what you do best and that's rock your style. If a client wants images like "that" photographer then my thought on that is go to "that" photographer. And, I don't mean to sound harsh like that; but, if that's the preferred style then I don't know how to shoot like that other photographer; I only know how to shoot like me.

1:42 AM, November 21, 2007  

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