Saturday, November 17, 2007

11/17/07: Are there flaws in your workflow?

This morning I realized I made a serious mistake in my workflow -- the processing, posting and archiving of images. In Adobe Bridge I use the * ratings to sort out keepers from non-keepers (a polite way of saying "the junk"). I typically shoot in RAW, make batch edits in Bridge and use the Image Processor to create the jpeg files (for final presentation / printing, etc.).

After posting the images I then go back and delete the non-keepers -- anything that doesn't have at least a rating of 1 star (one *). However, by saving the jpeg files in the same location as the RAW files, a JPG folder shows up in the same location. When I searched for "all unrated items" and deleted them (or, I should say "sent them to the recycle bin" to be more accurate) -- I inadvertently deleted the JPG folder. Normally I don't save the files in the same place -- I create a separate folder for the keepers -- but this morning I goofed and saved them with the originals. Fortunately I was able to restore the all-important keeper jpegs from the recylce bin -- but I learned that I could have made a really dumb mistake in haste.

What potential flaws do you have in your workflow that you might need to fix?

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Blogger Frank DiMeo said...

My biggest flaw is that someone else should be doing it! (-;

Glad it worked out for you.

Hope all is well and that you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Looking forward to seeing you again, sometime soon I hope.++

12:07 AM, November 29, 2007  
Blogger titusj said...

I recently realized I'm backing up my images prematurely.

I shoot in raw, and as soon as I get the images on my hard drive, I back them up before doing anything. Then later I go through and use the raw images to produce the JPGs, knowing the originals are safe. When I'm done, I save the updates in DPP (I didn't always do that which was my previous workflow flaw, and I'm not really sure where that data -- cropping, white balance, etc. is even saved).

When I run low on drive space, I delete the raw files from my local workstation (after all they are backed up). The problem is that I never thought to go back and re-copy the changes from DPP to my backup.

In essence, I'd have to start from scratch with the original raw files if I ever wanted to recreate and modify a JPG I've has produced (assuming I didn't want to start with the JPG or I lost the JPG).

12:56 PM, December 31, 2008  

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