Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10/30/07: Two things people look for in a picture of themselves...

This is a tip I picked up from Clay Blackmore on his recent "Capture and Creativity" tour. Clay worked with legendary photographer Monte Zucker for over a quarter of century -- I found him to be a wealth of knowledge on interacting with your photo subjects.

Clay mentioned that there are two things people look for when they see pictures of themselves...

-- what is / how good is my expression?
-- how does my body look?

As photographers we need to always, always, always keep these two things in mind when we capture images of people. Great expression...flattering presentation of their body.

Clay also said something pretty humorous about people who look at pictures of themselves and think they look old. He says in reply "well, in 5 years you're gonna love this picture." Seasoned photographers in the room (and older people in general)...got the joke. :)



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