Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10/16/07: Affordable camera / gear cases...

If you are anything like me...you've got more than a 1979 Chevy Malibu Classic station wagon worth of camera gear. And you're probably always looking for optimal solutions for transporting gear to shooting locations. You might consider checking into used "road cases" from AV supplies and on ebay. Road cases are the hard sided cases that musicians, audio-visual companies, and other media professionals use to transport gear safely. Just do a search for "road cases" on ebay and you might find exactly what you are looking for to store / transport camera, lighting, projection or other gear. You might have to do some searching to find the right size...and the case may have some road scars...but I'm a fan of putting gear in less than the fanciest cases when it comes to airline travel! It's function over finesse in my book...and a beat-up old case less obvious to would-be thieves than the latest camera manufacturer embazoned gear bag! LOL

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