Saturday, September 22, 2007

09/22/07: Check out Craig's Actions...

Not to be confused with Craig's List :), Craig's Actions are Photoshop actions that are highly regarded in a number of photography publications and have received many favorable reviews on other photo web-sites. To learn more about Craig Minielly and the amazing creative and time-saving actions he has developed, go to his web-site...

You can get several free actions by providing your name and e-mail address -- you can opt in to receive newsletters and special announcements from Craig. Here is the link to receive free actions...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel,

Been reading your blog for a while now thanks for the great tips.

Just in regards to this one, how would you compare craigs actions with Kubota’s actions

I guess I’ve never really used either but thought maybe you might have and would be able to sugest which one would be best?

Cheers troy

9:59 PM, September 26, 2007  
Blogger m said...

Eye of the beholder.

An interesting site. Many of the images displayed at Craig's allow before/after views.

It may be my age, but in virtually every case I found the 'before' image to be the superior one.

Most the actions seemed to yield the common overdone, overstated, in-your-face renditions that are popular in advertising. But then, that may be the intent.

Of the action sets, the one that I had the most interest in - resizing - is not yet available.

I did also click on the site that troy suggested (Kubota).

Here, so perhaps it is just me, I found the final output, in most cases, to be cartoonish and heavy handed.

Though, in seeming paradox, in most cases the final Kubota image was more acceptable than the starting one.

This paradox is resolved when you realize that the raw images that Kubota started with were almost all tossers: low-contrast, underexposed, poorly lighted - so virtually any change would be an improvement.

Truly, I doubt that self-expression will be found by buying someone's pre-recorded actions.

7:13 AM, September 27, 2007  

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