Saturday, June 16, 2007

06/16/07: Be Prepared - Join AAA!

Today was another wedding shoot -- one of many scheduled this summer. My wife helps me out at a lot of the weddings I shoot...she doesn't shoot all day with me, but typically she helps me cover the ceremony and formals after the ceremony.

On her way to the wedding she had a blowout - BAM! - flat tire on an interstate highway! Now, why didn't I join the American Automobile Association (AAA) again? DOH!!!! I wasn't in a position where I could leave the wedding to help her change a tire on a minivan (and I'm old-fashioned...I DON'T expect her to do it!). Fortunately she got ahold of our oh-so-helpful neighbor and he went to change the tire for her. What a super-nice guy...and we were very lucky to have been able to get ahold of him. Monday morning, first-thing, I'm buying him a gift certificate to a store that he likes as a token of our appreciation...then I'm going to sign us up for AAA coverage.

I realize this wasn't exactly a photo tip to improve your photography -- but it was an experience that I didn't have in my "emergency preparedness wedding photography" plan! So, perhaps you'll learn from our unfortunate experience.

Thankfully, my wife showed up about 15 minutes before the ceremony and she was able to get a few very nice shots within the bride's room. :)

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