Thursday, June 07, 2007

06/07/07: Check out ShootQ -- Studio Management Software!

While in Orlando this week I had the opportunity to see a demo of ShootQ -- a new software product from the amazing team at LaCour Photo in Atlanta. ShootQ looks like an extremely powerful prospect and customer management system that will integrate smoothly with photographer web-sites. The application is web-based -- meaning remote access to all of your customer information for photography jobs can be accessed anywhere you have Internet access.

Andrew Neisen and the ShootQ team just kicked off their launch tour -- click here to learn more about the power of ShootQ and how it can help you better manage your photography business. Be sure to sign up to attend one of the launch parties where you will get first-hand access to the team of ShootQ developers who will help you configure the software to integrate with your studio and web-page.

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Anonymous photoqueen said...

Hi Daniel,
I am also looking for a studio management software. Is going to the shootq parties worth it? I am currently trying a 30 day free trial of

10:41 PM, August 16, 2007  

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