Tuesday, June 05, 2007

06/05/07: Shoot For Yourself!

I'm in Orlando this week attending Garrett Nudd's Elevate 2 seminar. I had a chance to sit down to breakfast with Garrett this morning and something Garrett told me really hit home. Garrett mentioned that periodically he needs to take time to shoot pictures just for himself. He calls it taking time to "just graze."

Years ago (before my wife and I had our three kids) I used to wake up early almost every Saturday morning to go out and take nature pictures. Now that my wedding business occupies most of my Saturdays...and my family has grown, I don't get much time to "graze" anymore. But after hearing Garrett speak of shooting for himself I know that I need to keep fresh in my photographic creativity by taking time to shoot for myself.

You should do the same! :)



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