Sunday, April 29, 2007

04/29/07: Real or Fake?

No, I'm not talking about the results of some pop idol's latest trip to the plastic surgeon -- I'm talking about LIGHT! Currently I'm training my wife on various lighting set-ups so that she can better assist me with my wedding photography business.

One of the assignments I've given her involves analyzing pictures from various sources -- magazine ads, news stories, web-sites, etc. -- to determine if the light in the pictures is natural (i.e. the sun, or some form of directional light produced by the sun), or artificial (i.e. flash, strobe, or other form of studio light). Many of the best shots seem to be ones that use artificial light sources which mimic natural lighting conditions. When you analyze a magazine photo or ad, does the light appear to be coming from multiple sources? What kinds of challenges did the photographer / art director / location scout have to deal with to get that great image?
By learning to recognize how you can work with natural and artificial lighting, you can become much better at setting up shots quickly and in challenging lighting conditions.



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