Saturday, April 21, 2007

04/21/07: Adobe Camera Raw White Balance Tip

In Adobe Camera Raw, you have the option to change white balance using drop-down presets (as shot, auto, daylight, cloudy, shade, tungsten, fluorescent, flash), OR, you can use the temperature slider for a custom preset.

QUESTION: What is the difference between the presets and using the temperature slider to obtain the same value? (e.g. choosing daylight which is 5500 K, or, choosing 5500 K using the slider.)

ANSWER: When you use a preset, the tint value changes too -- but when you use the slider the tint value does NOT change. So the slider gives you more flexibility to seperate the two changes -- color temperature and tint.

For the tint value -- just remember that you are choosing to add:

-- GREEN when moving the tint slider to the left, and
-- MAGENTA when moving the slider to the right.

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