Monday, April 16, 2007

04/16/07: What is a "dutch angle?"

The term "dutch angle" is a cinematographer's term for a shot where the horizontal frame line is not parallel to the horizon. In simpler terms, "dutching" is a camera tilt that is use to enhance the composition of an image. Camera tilts can add strong visual appeal to an otherwise dull shot.
Best advice for camera tilts in composing still images -- use them conservatively and always try a variety of angles including no tilt whatsoever. The variety will allow you to pick the strongest of the images from the series of slight to severe tilts.

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Anonymous W P Branham said...

Absolutely! One thing that I like to do is to do these compositions in post production (Lightroom and PS). I shoot mainly with my Canon 5D which gives me enough resolution in most cases to be creative in the cropping session and not have to do all the thinking on site. But either way, it really does add a nice touch to selective images. example (images 25 and 26 in this demo gallery I sent to a client for review)

W P Branham Photography

1:09 AM, May 25, 2007  

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