Wednesday, April 11, 2007

04/11/07: Do This Right Now!!! (If you haven't already...)

Most photographers burn back-up discs of their best images and / or their client images. Do you?

If you do, that's great! Where do you keep your back-ups?

You should do this right now -- make back-up discs to be stored somewhere off-site from your house or studio. Keep a set of back-up discs at your office / work, at a relative's house, or -- better yet -- in a safe deposit box.

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Blogger Ian said...

I use an external USB Harddrive, which has huge capacity and can be taken away easily to another safe location.

An excellent piece of software to backup the files automatically is Microsoft's "SyncToy". You can set up all the folders that you want to backup and even set to contribute-mode where files are only added to the backup drive (not deleted).

Once you've got it setup, you can backup EVERY day buy clicking one button.... knowing that all the new images/files will be copied over.

5:57 AM, September 19, 2007  

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