Sunday, April 08, 2007

04/08/07: Keep it secure...keep it cool!

If you are like many photographers who have small children...chances are you own a mini-van or SUV. If you are like me, sometimes you find yourself on photoshoots where you leave some gear in your car. Combine these two -- and you're just a quick smash'n grab away from filing an insurance claim. One thing I learned is that you can find creative ways to secure your gear -- in those fleeting occasions where you can't take everything with you. Cargo covers and blankets are nice...but a nice creative way to hide your gear is to have a large cooler in your car. Drop your satellite gear back or other valuables inside the cooler and it's no longer a temptation for opportunistic thieves (unless you have photo related graphics on your car...or you ARE a theif and you read this blog...let's hope the latter isn't the case!).



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