Saturday, March 31, 2007

03/31/07: New Flash Diffuser from Gary Fong Inc.

This week at the Wedding and Portrait Photogrpahers International convention in Las Vegas, my cyber-pal Gary Fong introduced his latest flash diffuser invention -- the "Whale Tail." Read more about it on the Gary Fong e-store or by clicking here.

The Whale Tail claims to be the first ever diffuser to offer a rear wall bounce, an instant change-out gel tray for color modification / creative effect, as well as a propreitary fastener system that allows the Whale Tail to attach to almost all flash types. I haven't had a chance to test a Whale Tail yet...and his inventories are running very low (as always!)...but as soon as I do get my hands on one...I'll post some sample images.

Keep up the good work Gary!

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