Tuesday, March 27, 2007

03/27/07: "One Light" Workshops

I love going to photo workshops -- if I had unlimited resources, I'd make a career out of attending photo workshops all over the world! Unfortunately, I do have limited resources...so I typically attend only a handful of workshops each year. One of the best workshops, in my opinion -- in terms of bang for the buck, is Atlanta photographer Zach Arias' "One Light" workshop.

Zach teaches about a dozen or so "One Light" workshops each year -- all over the U.S. His philosphy is basically do more with less. He states on his web-site "We have one light in the sky, the sun. Good enough for the earth, good enough for photography." For 2007 his "One Light" workshop rate is just $325. I have yet to attend one of these amazing seminars...but I do plan to sometime in the next year. For more information about attending a "One Light" seminar, go to www.onelightworkshop.com. You can also find out more about hosting a workshop in your city.

Keep up the amazing work, Zach! And thanks for sharing your knowledge with fellow photographers.

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