Thursday, February 22, 2007

02/22/07: Distinguish Yourself From "Uncle Bob"

Professional wedding photographers often have to compete with the "Uncle Bob's" of the world while shooting wedding portraits. "Uncle Bob" is an affectionate term for any amateur photographer who tends to shoot over the shoulder of the professional photographer or, in worst case scenarios, gets completely in the way of the professional photographer's shots. I was listening to a podcast interview with Kevin Kubota where he spoke of the importance of shooting with lenses that Uncle Bob does NOT have.
Kubota prefers shooting with ultra-wide lenses (in the 10-22mm range) or long telephoto lenses (in the 70-200mm range) to make his shots at focal lengths that most Uncle Bob's can't produce. He referred to this as "shooting at the extremes."
Even if you find yourself confined to standard focal lengths (in the 28-70 range), shoot wide open -- f1.4, f1.8, f2.0, etc. -- to give your shots the shallow depth of field that most "kit" DSLR lenses can't produce.



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