Tuesday, February 20, 2007

02/20/07: Book Publishing for Photographers!

So you've got a gorgeous collection of images centered around a common theme and friends have said you should get them published. Well, there's a web-site just for you! Texas photographer Dudley Harris started My 100 Books dot com (click here to access the site) to allow photographers to publish short-run, high-quality books at very reasonable prices. Doctor Harris (he's an opthamologist "during the day") has self-published a couple of his own books -- you can order a sample of one of his books if you'd like to see what a self-published book through My 100 Books will look like in finished product form.

Renown landscape photography Michael Reichmann used My 100 Books to publish his book, Bangladesh - First Impressions. Reichmann offered up a nice review of his experience self-publishing through My 100 Books on the Luminous Landscape web-site. Click here to check out his review.

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