Saturday, February 10, 2007

02/10/07: Pictures Help Us Remember...

One of the things that sets pro wedding photographers apart from amateurs is their ability to recognize relationship in photography. Nothing underscores this like photographs of elderly family members in special events like weddings. An amateur may focus too much on just the bride and groom while a professional photographer knows when and where to capture those special moments of family members.

Too often I've been told that I took a picture of a grandparent or special relative and they passed not long after the wedding date. While it saddens me to learn of the loved one's passing, I'm honored to have had the opportunity to capture memories which will be treasured. So if you are photographing special events...make a concentrated effort to include elderly relatives in photographs (especially candid ones) that show personality and those special relationships in the images.
The bride's grandfather (pictured below with the bride's father, just moments before the bride was escorted down the aisle) passed away less than 7 weeks after attending his grand-daughter's wedding.



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