Thursday, February 01, 2007

01/31/07: Focus Tip - Sports Photography

While I don't make a living shooting sports photos, I do very much enjoy being a sports spectator (with one of the nicest cameras in the house!). One thing I've learned about focusing on fast-action sports photography is that it's HARD to focus on moving objects.

The solution to this, I've found, is to focus on the feet. When an athlete is really moving fast, chances are you might miss the focus. If you focus on the head or torso and miss, you will end up focusing a lot further past the subject. If you focus on the feet (be sure not to crop off the head!), and miss, you'll only miss by a small amount (which, as they say in golf..."in the leather is good").

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You tip is the first that I have seen that makes sense. I have been searching for help in being able to freeze action and still keep in focus. I am shooting Taekwondo tournaments and am on the floor close to the rings. I odn't mind some blurring of the hand/legs, but want the competitor in focus. Add to that, most times the lighting is less than adequate and flash is not an option. Can you give any suggestions?

5:31 AM, September 10, 2008  

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