Friday, January 12, 2007

01/12/07: Quote of the day... with a BONUS!

It's Friday...time for another inspiring photography quote! This one is for all of the wedding photographers out there. :)

"I love the spontaneous nature of weddings - that things aren't always perfect. I also get to see the tender side of poeple, which is rare. It's all about capturing the human spirit that is unique to each individual."

--Bambi Cantrell

Click here for awesome "Macworld show" sale prices at B&H! You should be able to combine some of these great prices with current rebates on certain pieces of Canon equipment (though B&H removed the rebate links on these sale might try retrieving the rebate forms directly from worked for me last year!).

And, given the frequency that I've been consulted and have advised upon photography pricing issues on various forums, I have to share the latest "What The Duck?" cartoon...

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