Sunday, December 10, 2006

12/10/06: Inspired? Or frustrated?

I've been a photographer for almost 20 years. I've seen a lot of amazing work from all kinds of different photographers. Quite often I'm inspired by the work of others. I'll admit that sometimes I see someone else's work and it humbles me to the point of feeling like I can't produce the same level of work. I've read comments on several photo forums where people see amazing work and they joke that they are going to sell all of their gear and turn in their "photographer card."

I've also shown people my work and had them respond something along the lines about how crappy they think their pictures are compared to mine. That concerns me...I don't want anyone to see my images and be less than inspired by them!

Here's the thing to keep in mind...when you look through a magazine like National Geographic, or you peruse web-sites of amazing photographers...realize that they are showing the best of the best of the best work. You don't see all the thousands of shots that they took that didn't make it to the level of publication. I've heard some great photographers say that when they shot film they used to get one good image for every 100 they shot and that now with digital the numbers are more like 1 out of 500!! Wow! And these are the top pros who shoot tens of thousands of images each month.

So don't let the amazing work of other photographers frustrate you...get out there and keep shooting. And then look at your very best'll find that if you accept that there are going to be lots of misses and near misses...and you learn from those...your photography will get much better much faster than you can imagine!


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