Thursday, November 30, 2006

11/30/06: Winter Shooting -- Keep Those Hands Warm!

Even notice how cold your hands get when shooting outdoor pictures in bitter cold conditions? Yeah, I thought so! Ever notice how hard it is to make camera adjustments when wearing mittens? Yeah, I thought so!

Here's what I use for winter shooting -- a pair of fishing gloves with the tips of the first finger and thumb exposed. You can find these at any sporting goods store that sells fishing gear / apparrel. You might also find similar hunting gloves that do the trick. My gloves are lightweight neoprene gloves that are tight enough that my camera handling is not comprimised. And the nice thing is that when it's really cold, these gloves will fit inside much bulkier gloves for those moments when I'm not shooting (i.e. when I'm walking around looking for the right spots to capture great winter images!).

Here is a link to a pair of gloves that Bass Pro Shops sells -- click here for more information.


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