Monday, November 27, 2006

11/27/06: Camera on a stick?

I shot a relatively small wedding recently where the bride and groom requested a shot of all of their wedding guests. There were about 75-80 people in attendance and I had to find a location suitable for this type of shot. The ceremony was outdoor (kinda risky for November in the Midwest, I'll have to admit) and the reception was in a heated tent. The tent wasn't going to work at all.

Once I scouted the ceremony site I knew my best bet would be to take the shot right after the ceremony using the space where the ceremony was held. That way I wouldn't have to ask the guests to herd themselves to a certain location and "guest attrition" would be minimal. One of the challenges was the lack of a high angle vantage point to capture the shot.

What I came up with was the idea of shooting from my monopod mounted camera using a cable release for the shutter and a fish-eye lens -- I held the monopod up with my right hand as high as I could and released the shutter from the remote cable using my left hand. Some people have heard of the "light on a stick" approach to supplemental off-camera lighting (where a remote flash is mounted on a pole using wireless communication between the camera and flash)...well, this particular shot was my "camera on a stick" shot. It worked out very well and the bride (and her mother) were VERY pleased with the result. They ordered enough copies to send one to each of their guests. Here is the image they bought...


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