Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11/21/06: Tips For Camera Phone Users

I just ordered new cell phones for my wife and I. While I resisted the temptation to get a new phone with a camera built in for me...my wife's new phone will have a camera. I came across some interesting "courtesy" tips for using camera phones on Kodak's web-site...here are some of the things they mentioned:
  • always ask permission before taking someone's photo with your camera phone
  • check for restrictions on the use of cameras / phones -- especially in places like theaters, concert venues, airports / airplanes
  • don't bombard people with pictures...since e-mail and cell phones have limited space. Instead, sign up for an online photo-sharing service
  • make sure recipients recognize your e-mail address since most camera phones send pictures from a phone number rather than an e-mail address

You can find more camera phone tips on Kodak's web-site. Click here to access the site.


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