Thursday, November 16, 2006

11/16/06: Another Tip for Toddler Photography...

Maybe I'm just reminiscing a lot lately -- that happens as the holidays approach -- but I wanted to suggest another special touch to toddler photos. Take photos of your child (or your client's child if you are a working pro) with their special stuffed animal or other favorite toy.

I have three small kids and each one has had a special relationship with a stuffed animal. My oldest son has a stuffed tiger shark, my daughter has a special kitten stuffend animal and my youngest son does not go off to sleep without his little "Charlie-Bunny." When I was little I had a little tiger named "Goggy" (my mom says I that was how I pronounced "tiger" when I was 1!). Eventually those special friends are forgotten about (or they fall apart!) -- so take a few pictures of your child subject with his or her favorite stuffed animal or toy...they'll be so glad they have those great images when they are older!


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