Saturday, November 11, 2006

11/11/06: Edit in Comfort...

My friend Amber Holritz of Holritz Photography may get a chuckle out of today's post. (Amber recently broke her arm while doing a baby photo session...but she also appreciates a well-placed metaphor).

Many photographers know what it's like to spend hours sitting at a computer editing photos (or even just one photo!). Here are some tips to help reduce the strain on your joints and muscles from prolonged editing sessions:

-- every hour, get up and walk around...give your eyes a rest from staring at the monitor and get your blood flowing by moving around
-- every two hours or so, take a little bit longer break and look out the window at distant objects to give your eyes some exercise
-- if something starts to ache or muscles start to get tense, it's time to make adjustments

Follow these tips and your editing session will be much more enjoyable.


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