Sunday, November 05, 2006

11/05/06: A Little "In-Camera" Photoshop Saves Time!

I shoot weddings with two cameras -- the Canon EOS 5D and the EOS 20D. The 5D has amazing color -- and I dial the saturation up pretty high. But I find that the 20D can't keep up with the 5D in richness and warmth of color in wedding portraits. I second shot a wedding for a friend not long ago who asked why some of my images were colder than others -- the answer was simple...the 20D couldn't match the 5D in color representation. I'd compensate for the difference by dialing up the saturation on my camera raw settings in Adobe Bridge. But I still found that a lot of the images still needed additional color tweaking.

Today I shot a wedding and found a very simple solution to bring the two cameras closer together in image color quality -- and the solution was already in my camera bag! I simply popped a warming filter on the lens attached to the 20D (which is almost always the 70-200 f2.8 IS). I think too often digital photographers fall into the trap of doing too much in Photoshop to work their images -- why not do that Photoshop tweaking in-camera? :)


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