Sunday, October 29, 2006

10/29/06: Tips from some "retro" camera devices!

My wife's parents -- God love them -- are pack-rats when it comes to stuff my wife had since she was a little girl. Granted, they are probably the neatest, most well-organized pack-rats the world has ever seen. Every time they come to visit, they bring another box of treasures from my wife's youth. While unpacking one of the boxes my wife came across some old unused flash cubes from the 1970s -- you know (well, some of you don't!), back in the days of the 110 and 126 "instamatic" cameras.

For those of you who don't know -- flash cubes were small devices that attached to (the equivalent of old point and shoot) cameras and they were good for 4 flashes. After the 4 flashes, the cube was discarded. I really got a kick out of seeing these old on-camera lighting devices. Here are what the packages looked like...

On the back of one of the packages is a list of "ABC" tips for taking better pictures with flash cubes. I figured I should post these on the daily photo tips site in case anyone needs a 1970s era refresher on the use of flash devices! :)


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