Thursday, October 12, 2006

10/12/06: Develop a "Soft" Shutter Finger

Probably one of the most common problems affecting otherwise well captured images is camera shake. In low light situations your primary solution is a tripod with a cable release and / or self-timer option employed. However, if you are finding that your images are fuzzy and you have reason to believe the lighting was sufficient to hand-hold your camera to capture the may be pressing the shutter release button too hard!

I photograph a lot of weddings (for pay) and sports / nature (for fun)...I have different cameras for different shooting situations. My Canon EOS 5D is an ideal wedding / portrait camera and my Canon EOS 20D is better suited for sports / fast action photography since it delivers a higher frames per second image capture rate. But on occasion I find myself with the wrong camera when the shooting situation is fast action (sometimes those brides and grooms RUN out of the church!). In these situations -- instinct takes over -- I find myself pushing harder on the shutter to get the camera up to the speed I want. That's a bad habit -- because I could be introducing unwelcome camera shake in these situations.

So whatever the shooting situation and gear you have...learn to develop a "soft-touch" when pressing the shutter -- you'll likely end up with fewer blurry images!


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