Sunday, October 08, 2006

10/08/06: Video Cameras That Take Still Photos...

If you are considering a point and shoot digital still camera that shoots video vs. a digital video camera that shoots stills...I have a bit of advice for you (since I have both).

Last night we had family over and I wanted to take a few quick snapshots of the people we haven't seen in awhile. I grabbed my video camera (knowing that it didn't have a tape loaded but it had a card for still photos) and intended to shoot a couple of pictures. Here is the problem when trying to photograph people using a digital video camera -- they think you are recording video! Even if you say...I'm just taking some still pictures, instinct takes over and they assume that need to be saying or doing something for the rolling video. Most consumer digital video cameras don't have the advanced shutter capabilities that a DSLR (or point and shoot digital) would while your loved ones are bouncing around acting goofy thinking they are being are getting worthless blurry still images (unless that's what you were going for, then they aren't worthless!).

Just thought I'd pass this tip a long -- when shooting still images using a digital video camera, just shoot landscapes!


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