Monday, September 25, 2006

09/25/06: The First Mover "Disadvantage?"

Business strategists often talk about the "first mover advantage" -- where the company first to market with a product has an advantage. However, when hardware and software products come from different manufacturers -- such as digital SLR manufacturers and image editing software like Adobe -- there is often a disadvantage to being early adopters of a new piece of hardware like a new DSLR.

When Canon or Nikon introduces a new camera such as the Canon 30D or the Nikon D80, photographers have to wait several months for Adobe to release updates for the Adobe Camera Raw software to recognize the raw files from the new cameras. All is not lost for the new camera owners as the camera manufacturers have their own proprietary software for image editing -- however, this can significantly impact the workflow for photographers. So keep in might be nice to have the latest and greatest camera, but you may have to wait for the software updates in order to keep your established workflow.


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