Thursday, September 21, 2006

09/21/06: Finding Inspiration...

Ever find yourself in a rut photographically? Frustrated from the lack of creativity in your images? Feel like you're shooting the same thing over and over?

You're not alone. Many photographers (pros and amatuers alike) experience the same feelings. One way to help inspire you to find new ideas and approaches is to maintain a list of your favorite professional photographer web-sites and visit them often. It doesn't matter if they are wedding, nature, sports, commercial or whatever type of can find yourself inspired by looking at the way others see things through their camera eye. That doesn't mean go out there and try to copy what they did / are, certainly not. But it can serve as a means to help you develop a fresh way to look at similar shooting situations.

Here are a couple of example web-sites to visit:
Awesome Photographs

And, as always, keep it real! ~DJW


Blogger Yunna said...

cool thanks for the links and feedback!!

10:56 AM, September 22, 2006  

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