Wednesday, September 13, 2006

09/13/06: Today's Tip is NOT really photo-related! ;)

This Tip Is for Busy Parents of Small Children

Most of my life I have worked two jobs -- photography and something else (the something else always seems to change every few years!). Now that my wife and I have three small children we find ourselves busier than ever. I have a corporate job in addition to my growing photo business and my wife works a part-time job afternoon and evenings several days a week.

My wife had to work this evening and I had a photography networking meeting to attend as well as several errands to run (including picking up some client prints at one of my local labs). We try to resist the temptation to indulge in fast-food too often but sometimes it's just too convenient to pass up. I had to stop at McDonald's to pick up dinner for the kids so that I could make my meeting in time.

Then, I had an epiphany...I realized, "hey, I don't need to buy 'Happy Meals' for each kid, I can just buy 3 cheeseburgers and a couple of orders of 99 cent french fries!" By doing this, I saved nearly SEVEN DOLLARS off the normal three happy meal price of twelve bucks and same change. Of course the kids were disappointed that there was no "toy" with their McDonald's meal...but, much to my amazement, they got over it quickly! (Ah-ha! More money I can spend printing adorable pictures of my kids to send to the grandparents! Okay, so I guess this tip is photo-related in a way!)

I was still late for my meeting! :( Oh well, that's the life of a busy family...

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