Monday, September 11, 2006

09/11/06: A Tribute...

Today is the anniversary of one of the worst terrorist attacks ever. Several years ago I attended a talk given by New York photographer, Jay Maisel. Jay's work is world renown for his ability to capture light and gesture. As a New York City resident and long-time photographer, Maisel photographed the World Trade Center towers on many, many occasions -- from construction to the one single image Jay took of the burning towers on the day they were destroyed. He published a book of his WTC images called "A Tribute."

Unfortunately, the book is now out-of-print...but if you have the opportunity to purchase a used copy or check one out at a library, I highly recommend this book as a rather pensive reminder of how fleeting life can be and how photographs can serve as a reminder of things lost.

One of the most powerful slideshows I've ever seen is the one Jay presented the night he came to my town to speak. When he introduced the slideshow Jay said that the show deserves no applause at the end and he hoped no one would applaud. The slideshow had no accompanying music and featured an amazing collection of photos Jay took at ground zero -- the sight of the twin tower collapse. The only thing the images showed were the faces of the people who came to ground zero. I have never seen a more powerful slideshow in my life and don't know that I ever will.

Feel free to check out Jay Maisel's web-site by clicking here.


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