Sunday, September 10, 2006

09/10/06: Sometimes it Pays to Have Eyes in the Back of Your Head!

Sometimes it Pays to Have Eyes in the Back of Your Head!

I learned many years ago when I did a lot of nature photography that you have to develop eyes in the back of your head to be able to see more great photo opportunities. Too often we are focused on the view in front of us and miss what is behind us. Recently I was assisting another photographer with a wedding and we went scouting around the reception venue for neat photo opportunities. The reception was held at a very modernistic art museum with all kinds of fun rooms to explore. We found a long hallway with mirrors all over the angled walls. It wasn't until we walked the length of the hall and turned back to discover the view that was behind us. I captured this image:

Location scouting is often very critical in determining great spots for capturing beautiful images...but learning to take a 360 degree look around you is every bit as important in your quest for capturing better images.


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