Thursday, September 07, 2006

09/07/06: A Tip For Your CD / DVD Burner

Tip For Your CD / DVD Burner

As a photographer I burn a LOT of backup discs. The disc burner on my new laptop never seemed to get's an 8X speed DVD burner but I noticed it never got going beyond 1X -- often it was more like around 0.60X. That was sooooo frustrating! I'd have to wait 90 minutes or so just to burn 4 GB of data! (Yes, we are so spoiled by advances in technology...I do remember when it was cool just to be able to BURN a disc...and that was less than 10 years ago!) I checked my machine manufacturer's web-sites and discovered there was a firmware update for the model DVD burner installed on my laptop. The text file indicated this update would resolve problems reading older PC game discs. I installed it anyway. Presto! My drive is humming along now burning DVDs in 6 minutes or less! So if your disc burning drive isn't performing like it should...check to see if there is a firmware update from your PC or disc drive manufacturer. Happy burning!


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