Saturday, August 19, 2006

08/19/06: In Search of...Magic Light

Sunset - Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana (copyright - Daniel J. Watkins, 2002)

In Search of...Magic Light

"Magic light" in photography is said to occur just prior to sunrise or just after sunset. On a clear day at sunset, magic light will seperate the sky into a red hemisphere and a blue hemisphere -- with rich indigos at the edge of the blue hemisphere...leading into darkness. Often if you can catch some clouds in the sky, you'll find them bathed in the reds and oranges of the sun beneath the horizon. With sunrise you can often catch a nice band of magenta on the horizon just before the sun comes up. You have to be patient with magic light...often you can't predict how good the colors are going to be...and even when you do get great magic light, it's fleeting. Luck is said to be when preparation meets opportunity. So be prepared (with tripod, remote shutter release, fully charged batteries, and a lot of media cards), and you'll be sure to capture beautiful images with magic light.

Sunrise - Flathead Lake, Polson, Montana (copyright - Daniel J. Watkins, 2002)


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