Thursday, August 17, 2006

08/17/06: Mining for Good Shot Information

"Mining" for Good Photograph Information

Yesterday I spoke about the benefits of journaling to augment your digital image's metadata. Today's tip is about going back over your old work and reviewing for information which will help you take better photos.

From time to time I like to go back and look at pictures I've taken one, two, three, or even many years ago (and yes...I have been digital since 1998 so "many" years ago still, or already, applies to digital!). When reviewing the images, I typically tend to realize how much my pictures have improved over the years. I do like to look at both the portfolio calibre images as well as the duds to see what kind of choices I made to get the shot. Often I find when reviewing the duds of yesteryear that my pictures didn't turn out as well due to one or two minor mistakes (e.g. shooting a scene that was too contrasty could have been improved by focusing on a small area, or using a neutral density filter, forgetting to reset the ISO from an extreme shooting situation like bright or low light, etc.). At the same time, I can learn from the images that came out very nicely.

So when time permits, take a look at some of your old images to learn from them and improve what you shoot in the future.


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