Wednesday, August 16, 2006

08/16/06: The Importance of Journaling

The Importance of Journaling

Yesterday I posted about scouting for great locations to photograph. Once you have the location, your work can be improved a great deal by journaling. Digital photography really helps out the journalling process in that much of your technical information (shutter speed, ISO, aperature, etc.) is captured in the image's metadata (EXIF). However, you still can benefit by keeping a journal of the variables that aren't captured in the digital image file metadata. I've learned over the years that this can be especially helpful in nature / landscape photography.

Metadata does not capture such information as what time the sun rises or sets at that time of year in the location you are shooting, what the weather was like in terms of windspeed (wind seems to be the most critical factor in nature photos...especially slow shutter speed shots), whether or not you used a tripod for the shot, etc. By taking good notes on these "non-metadata" variables, you can do a lot to improve your shots and / or avoid making the same or similar mistakes in similar shooting conditions.

Happy journaling! And keep it real. :)


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