Monday, August 07, 2006

08/07/06: Excellent Flash Tutorial Video (for Canon flashes)

Excellent Flash Tutorial Video

One thing I hear quite often from photographers is a lack of understanding (and subsequent frustration) on the use of flashes. Not long ago I received a copy of Blue Crane Digital's "Understanding the Canon Speedlite 580EX/430EX." This video is one of the best tutorials for learning how to use your flash in a wide variety of shooting situations.

The video covers the use of flash exposure compensation, custom functions, slow-sync, ratios, first and second curtain sync as well as controlling the hardness / softness of light. I've been using Canon flashes for over 15 years and yet I still found this video to be very helpful. One of the greatest things is that it's only $19.95 from B&H. Very well worth it in my opinion! \o/


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