Tuesday, August 01, 2006

08/01/06: Recovering Lost Files

Today marks the beginning of the fourth month for DailyPhotoTips.com. I want to thank everyone who has visited and / or contributed so far! I hope this site continues to serve as an excellent resource for photographers of all skills levels. I know it helps me! :)

Recovering Lost Files

Our tip for today deals with lost files. There are two types of photographers -- those that have accidently deleted files, and those that will someday accidentally delete files. There are a number of programs and utilities to help you recover lost files. In most cases, the files can be recovered from damaged media cards or cards that you've formatted before saving the images off to your computer (however, if you format and then shoot more images, you've probably lost all of the images taken prior to formatting).

Here are some of the more popular resources for file recovery:


Some of the applications have "demo" versions you can download and try. I haven't tried any of these programs (yet...knock on wood), but that doesn't mean I haven't lost images! Several years ago...before I even considered the possibility of recovery software...I accidentally formatted a 32MB smart media card in my Olympus E10 camera. Fortunately I don't remember what the images were...so ignorance is bliss!

The one situation in which you can not recover lost images is if you lose the media card! So take good care of your cards and your storage methods so that you never have to dumpster-dive after a wedding reception (*an actual event that happened to another photographer!).


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