Saturday, July 22, 2006

07/22/06: Pro-tip - Photoshop Actions

Pro-tip - Photoshop Actions

One of the easiest ways to get familiar with using Photoshop to enhance your images is to use Photoshop actions. Actions are simply a sequence of enhancement / modification steps that are recorded. You just click on the action you want to use (such as one to change a color image to black and white and give it some "punch" etc.) and the steps are applied to your image.

Kevin Kubota is well known for being one of the best digital imaging / Photoshop gurus. Kevin has written several photography / photoshop books and teaches seminars all over the world. One of my personal favorites is his Digital Photography Boot Camp book. You can purchase various volumes of Kevin's actions but one thing I like about his book is that he gives you some free with the Boot Camp book! I think if you give Kevin's actions a try you will not be disappointed. :)



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