Tuesday, July 18, 2006

07/18/06: Make Your Owner Manuals Work For You!

Make Your Owner Manuals Work For You!

Why do people not read owner's manuals? Have you ever come across a problem with your camera, camera accessory, or other electronic device, that made you go back and look in the owner's manual for help? Have you ever smacked yourself on the forehead and said "I didn't know I could do that?!" after reading something in an owner's manual? This post is for you!

I suspect that there are a lot of reasons people don't read their owner manuals...some are difficult to read, some are phone-book sized with 10 pages dedicated to every imaginable language spoken on the planet, some are odd-sized and are easily lost...who knows...maybe some people are like me and they are just too excited to play with a new toy to bother reading the manual! :)

Here's a great tip that should help make getting information from your owner's manuals much easier. Download PDF files of any owner's manual that you can find from the manufacturer's web-site on any piece of gear that you own. Then, print the manual out on letter sized paper and put them all in a 3-ring binder. You'll be amazed at how much easier you can access great information which will help you get the most from your gear. Not only does this help by insuring that you have a back-up copy of your manuals, you can make all kinds of notes on the pages just as you did with college textbooks. And you can toss out (or recycle) any pages in a language that you don't speak! (Or, a better idea is to just print the version in the language of your choice.)

Here's to better organization and learning more about the tools you already have. \o/

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