Saturday, July 15, 2006

07/15/06: Basic Tip - Know Your Flash Range

Basic Tip - Know Your Flash Range

One of my pet peaves is seeing people try to use a flash at distances way beyond the range of the flash...mainly at sporting events. I mentioned several days ago that I went to the Cards / Dodgers game. When Albert Pujols of the Cardinals bats, camera flashes pop off all over the stadium. I realize most people don't know that their flash is totally useless at such great that's why I feel it necessary to spread the word! :)

For point & shoot cameras, an on-camera flash is probably only good up to about 15 feet (so unless you are the catcher squatting behind Albert Pujols when he bats, you should forget about using the flash setting). Get into the owner's manual of your camera and figure out how to take shots with the flash disabled, and, while you're in there, read up on boosting the ISO (or equivalent film speed), if your camera has a setting for this. Chances are there will be some shots where there will not be enough light...however, you'll probably be no worse off than if you are popping off a flash from 300 feet away!

Keep it real!



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