Friday, July 14, 2006

07/14/06: Quote of the day..."Stop Talking and Start Taking"

Quote of the day..."Stop Talking and Start Taking"

It's kind of ironic that I follow yesterday's "put the camera down for creative inspiration" post with today's quote...but sometimes you have to just pick and choose when to follow what advice! That's my answer, and I'm sticking to it! (Or, "I don't care if I contradict myself!" LOL)

Today's quote comes from Australian photographer Ken Duncan, author of one of my favorite photography coffee table books, "America Wide: In God We Trust." Buy won't regret it!

Stop Talking and Start Taking

"One of the hardest parts of photography is getting out of bed. Just stick a film (edit: or a card!) in your camera and get on with it. If you are going to eat an elephant, the way to do it is one bite at a time. If you sit back and look at how big the elephant is, you'll never finish the 'tusk' at hand! If you have a dream to shoot a book on America, you can think of the immensity of the country and be so overwhelmed that you never begin. Or you can pick somewhere to start and attack it one bit at a time. If you persevere, you'll reach your goal."


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