Thursday, July 13, 2006

07/13/06: What You See When You Are Not Shooting

What You See When You Are Not Shooting

I took my son to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight. And for the first time in a long time, I was at a professional sporting event without a camera. You see the forecast was for rain and rain it did! We got pretty wet but we were able to watch quite a bit of baseball from some pretty good seats.

It's amazing what you see when you are not constantly looking through a viewfinder. I saw so many cool photo opportunities AWAY from the baseball action (mostly people watching!) that I really was glad that, for a change, I didn't have my camera with me! I think that by opening my eyes to so many things going on around me it allowed me to see how people connect to the game of baseball, and to each other during sporting events.

So if you find yourself taking a lot of pictures of, seemingly, the same mundane things...put the camera down and take some time to notice things around you that you may not have noticed when your field of vision is the tiny rangefinder of your camera. I think you will be surprised at the many things you notice (and can learn to photograph) by not taking pictures! Sounds, kinda weird, doesn't it?

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