Tuesday, July 11, 2006

07/11/06: Help! My film camera just died...what should I do?

Help! My film camera just died...what should I do?

Twice in the past week I had people tell me that they dropped their film camera and it is no longer working. I totally know the feeling (well, not with dropping a camera...but with a camera that needs repair!).

The average amount you can expect to spend on camera repairs is around $200. With film cameras (primarily SLR's) starting around $250 - 300, it probably makes sense to go ahead and scrap the film camera and switch to digital. Good digital point & shoot cameras are around $200 and up while starter digital SLR cameras are around $600. If you happen to have a model of film camera that allows you to keep the same lenses for a digital camera...your conversion is easy! Keep in mind all of the money you'll be saving on film and processing. Yes, you'll still be paying to have prints made...but at least with digital you only pay for the prints you choose to have made, not every single image on a roll!

Get back out there and keep shooting!



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