Saturday, July 08, 2006

07/08/06: Three Travel Photography Tips

Three Travel Photography Tips

I love taking pictures when I travel. Even when I'm travelling for a non-photography reason, I'll take my camera just to get images from wherever I am. Now that we are in the middle of summer vacation season, I thought I'd offer three helpful travel photo tips:
  • Look for unusual sights -- sure, most everyone who vacations in San Francisco takes a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Try finding scenes that you wouldn't normally associate with famous landmarks or tourist hot spots.
  • Avoid the crowds -- get up early! Most visitors will arrive late in the morning and stay until late afternoon. Take photos before 9 AM or after 4 PM (chances are, you'll get better light, too!).
  • Take photos from the plane -- yeah, the flight attendants may hassle you to "turn off your electronic device" but it's fun to get shots from the air! Be sure to get your camera right up on the glass of the window to avoid glare. And try to sit somewhere on the plan where you won't have a wing in every shot!

I've never been to Vegas...but I've flown over it...

I've never been to Dodger Stadium...but I've flown over it...

Happy shooting! And...try to keep it real! :) ~DJW


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