Monday, July 03, 2006

07/03/06: Sports photo tip - allow for shutter lag

Sports photo tip - allow for shutter lag

Yesterday I went to a baseball game and, while shooting "out of my comfort zone" with an older DSLR and everything set to manual :), I experimented with shutter lag. How often do you see something that happens in a fraction of an instant (doesn't have to be sports...could be a cute 2 year old making a funny face) but you end up missing the shot? Chances are it was shutter lag (or, it could have been dead batteries! j/k).

I found that if I tried to anticipate when the batter would swing and hit the ball, I needed to press the shutter when the ball was a little past half-way from the pitcher to the hitter. Everyone will get different results based on an individuals reaction time and camera...yet digital cameras are ideal for "practicing" for perfection. Often it will take a little while to learn how to compensate for shutter lag...but once you get the timing down, you may end up with some fantastic photos. :)


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