Tuesday, June 27, 2006

06/27/06: The "Sunny 16" Rule

DSLR Tip - The "Sunny 16" Rule

The "sunny 16" rule says that in daylight / sunny conditions, your shutter speed at an aperature of f16 will be the reciprocal of your ISO setting. For example, at f16 using an ISO setting of 400, your shutter speed will be 1/400th of a second. At ISO 100, the shutter speed will be 1/100th at f16.

You can also use the "sunny 16" rule for stopping up or down your aperature setting and shutter speed -- at f11 with ISO 400 the shutter speed will be 1/800th; at f22 with ISO 400, the shutter speed will be 1/200th.


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